Beattie Memorial Teacher Training Institute for women Ranipet, was established on 1891 by the American Arcot Missionary, Dr. John Scudder, at Vellore Town. The institute was moved to Chittoor Town in 1895. Their vision is to give education to the girls and especially to teach the children. Due to bifurcation of state, the institute was moved to Ranipet, where the girl children were not allowed to go to the schools. To teach such girls, the teacher training Institute was moved to Ranipet. At the beginning two young girls were admitted, after the completion of school education. Basic training was given along with academic subjects, including gardening, tailoring, cooking etc. The girls were trained in physical education and Co-curricular activity also. Mrs. John Scudder initially gave training to the girls. Later, Mr. James Beattie was appointed as a Principal along with subject staff for this institution. Mr. James Beattie was died in the ship wreck in the sea. After his death Mrs. James Beattie took the challenge to run the Institute. In remembrance of their 22 yrs dedicated service, the institute was named as Beattie Memorial Teacher Training Institute. Now it crossed 125 yrs & trained thousands of teachers.

The society is benefitted by Beattie Memorial Teacher Training institute trained teachers, exercising their merits and talents on young children.

The Beattie Memorial Teacher Training institute was run by [C.S.I. VELLORE DIOCESE] under the leadership of our Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Rajavelu. The Principal & the staff B.M.T.T. Institute are continuing their dedicated service to the institute and inculcating the more values and education among teacher trainees to send them into the society